The Benefits

Instant Interviews because candidates have new expectations

Candidates that apply to a job expect to see the same speed and services as when ordering a product online

Reduce Time to Hire up to 80%

40% of the candidates drop off
      47% of these already found a new job
      46% because of poor candidate experience

Up To 47% more interviews with the same marketing budget

Because of slow outreach, candidates often don’t recall applying and stay unresponsive.

“1 in 3 companies say the apply process is longer then 30min”

Each application
turned into an instant Whatsapp conversation!

WhatsApp is the preferred communication tool of Gen-z

“1in 2 companies don’t have a mobile optimized application process”

improve recruiter productivity by up to 50%

No more time wasted with administrative tasks
Spend more time with qualified candidates & hiring managers/clients

Optimal Re-engagement with your talentpools through instant 2 way conversations

70% of companies do not reconnect with candidates after initial apply