The Change
Engagement & Collaboration

Bridge the gap between Recruitment Marketing & Recruitment

Optimize collaboration between Recruitment Marketing & Recruitment

  • Build and optimise screening scripts within minutes
  • Compare interview & hire results over the different sources
  • Allocate recruitment teams or managers to different locations & calendars
  • Configure your own matching criteria for optimal re-engagement for talentpools
  • AB-test screening scripts & advertising channels/methods

For your recruitment
marketing team

  • Drasticly improve the ROI on social media campaigns
  • Connect all social & traditional advertising sources easily 
  • Converts (social media) candidates effortlessly into conversations through automated engagement
  • Reduce Time to Interview with up to 80%
    Import sourcing leads and activate conversations in 1 click

We introduce to you:
The Chat Team

  • An instant personal conversation with each candidate by your or our Chat team!
  • 1 FTE handles up to 10.000 candidate screening & scheduling conversations per month
  • Screen and (re)schedule directly in available time slots of recruiters through (real time) calendar integration.
  • Real people answer any questions that candidates might have
  • Collect candidate feedback after screening & interview experience
  • The Hireslim chat service is (optionally) available in & outside of business hours
  • Easy scale of chat team as the role is an entry level position and easy to learn and execute
  • Learning platform focused on how to use the software but also how to handle candidates

A Candidate First Approach!

  • Quick apply: name & phone number
  • Instant & personal conversations seconds after applying
  • Apply to interview scheduled +/- 20 minutes
  • Mobile friendly application
    2 way stream conversation, candidates can ask questions directly after applying
  • Personal screening feedback for all candidates
  • Candidates answers become building blocks of your candidates’ profile
  • Easily match candidates to other open positions

Improves Recruiter productivity

  • Reduces Time to Hire up to 80%
  • 50% less administrative tasks
  • Only talk to qualified candidates
  • Real time availability by syncing calendars & availability blocks
  • Re-engage candidates for other jobs with 1 click.
  • Screening & (re)scheduling through the chat team
  • Save candidate views/searches for different purposes; review interview results, matching to campaigns, source quality….

Engagement Automation specifically built for each campaign

  • Set different message & email templates for each campaign, location, niche or language
  • Integrated rescheduling & cancellation options
  • Automated location mapping of candidates
  • Complex calendar & location functionality built with high volume recruitment in mind